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The Cast

B.J. Grogan

B.J. Grogan - As the writer and producer of "Sheer Audacity!" I am extremely glad to finally get it out to the world. I have been an actor and writer for over 30 years.  For more about me and the evolution of " Sheer Audacity!" go to "about us" page.

David Rickett

David Rickett -  Rickett is from South Carolina, but he was raised there by New Yorkers.  The son of a symphony conductor, David has no rhythm or sense of pitch, which is good, because he is a very creative writer and without his continued help and support, "Sheer Audacity!" could not have happened.  He has been a writer, director and cameraman for the show.  He survived film school in Bridgeport, Connecticut and now works as a multi-media artist in Hollywood.  He loves golf and Frank Zappa. My eternal thanks. 




Jim Abbott

Jim Abbott - Jim has also been an invaluable member of "Sheer Audacity!" From it's original theme song, to the countless other works he has provided, he has given the show a special kind of life. He has also been a camera man, sound man, editor and extra. I say this sincerely, without Jim this show could not have happened. So blame him. He is currently finishing a CD, with his new band "The Glowbars" To find out more go to glowbars.com

Cary Thompson

Cary Thompson - It is not often that you get to work closely with your best friend, so I've been blessed (cursed) to have had Cary on "Sheer Audacity!" since before there was a first script. Raised in Oklahoma, he is an avid football fan which is surprising given the fact that he knows so little about the game. He believes the Buffalo Bills are a good team. He can soon be seen in "Everyone Hates Chris " and has performed on stage in Los Angeles in "Kafka Thing" at the Odyssey and Peter Fox's award winning play  "God Knows". In 2003 he got to act with his childhood heartthrob, Jamie Lee Curtis in "Christmas with the Kranks".  She has since gotten a restraining order.  His future ambitions are to move to Tijuana and open a bordello.

Jason Van Clef

Jason Van Clef - NotJason came on board for our second show and since that time has had about 22 jobs. He has been a daytrader, forensic chemist, consultant and bikini waxer. But he always has money and brings in girls, so we couldn't get along without him. He spends most of his free time combing his fabulous hair, and spanking his monkey which he calls George W.   He is very worried that someone will find out about his connection to this site, so don't tell anyone.

Cynthia Abeln

Cynthia Abeln - Cynthia, is without a doubt, one the hottest girls to ever appear on "Sheer Audacity!" She is from Miami, where she was a precocious child often seen running naked around the house. She was convinced to stop at age 17. Once blessed with a great body and a need to show it, she is now married and just had her first child to the utter disappointment of all the men and most of the women in town. She is ruined now, so they will have to look elsewhere for a really good time.

Hollie Hummell

Hollie Hummell - I was indeed fortunate to find Hollie, she is the ultimate professional, who always gives her all to just about anyone who asks. Hollie, a southern girl at heart, was born in Lexington, KY & raised in Harrisburg, PA. Her school years were spent cheerleading, baton twirling, dancing, modeling & playing the clarinet. The cheerleading paid off for us. Her film work includes, "Hollywood Rooftop", and the "The Rule of Three". She also has numerous television and theatre credits. She is my clown who never let me down. She is now giving her all to God, but she is making him pay full price for it.

Jennifer Capri

Jennifer Capri - Only one word best describes Jennifer, LOON. She has the kind of wild energy usually only seen in mental patients. She can be funny, sad and scary all at the same time. Originally from New Jersey, she was in Los Angeles only long enough to cause one riot. In 2005 she could be seen performing in "The Nerd" in Dayton, Ohio. I have many things to thank Jennifer for, but mostly for the one great night in the back seat of her car, in the Mayfair parking lot.

Bryan Burns

Bryan Burns - works nights at "Crazy Girls" a Los Angeles strip club. He hopes to one day take to the stage and pole himself.

Scotty Scarboro

Scotty Scarboro - Scotty was born to do something. Send your suggestions, in writing, to West Hollywood. Just leave them with any bartender/car wash attendant/the lady who sells Roses, and he'll be in contact. The winner will receive something. Beware!

Lisa-Marie Freeman

Lisa-Marie Freeman - Lisa came to us as Jason Van Clef's girlfriend. I don't think that she ever really liked or trusted me, but she did great work and helped to make "Sheer Audacity" better. She has gone away now. Who knows where. I have no joke. I mean really, what's the point?

Marvy Mayor
Kevin O'Neil
Amber McCandles

   I also want to thank all the one hit wonders who did only one sketch for "Sheer Audacity!" Especially Marvy Mayor whose great ass got the "World Without Pants" off to a flying start, and Amber McCandles who I wanted to do much more with, but I guess that she figured that out and ran like hell.

   My final thanks to Kevin O' Neil, who sadly passed away last year. He was a delightful man who could be very funny and always the consummate professional. Kevin had once been a child star, and in many ways, he never grew up. He was the brother of Ryan O' Neil and uncle to Tatum and Griffin. I will miss him.