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There's nothing like a nice piece of..... "Sheer Audacity!"?

Here is your opportunity to enjoy the show at the click of a button. You can now purchase a single, downloadable sketch, or you can order the entire DVD. Below you will find all of the clips. If you would like to purchase one, click on the

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Three beautiful young women are waiting to talk to you. Really!

1-900-get real

Control Freak
Carol shows her best friend how to control a man.


This beautiful musician plays her trombone with some very talanted lips.

Culture Corner

Deflowered Girl
Harry the Hobo gets into hot water with the girl of his dreams.


English Eddie enjoys a dessert that's not on the menu.

Eating Out

Fuck My Wife, Please

Who could turn down an offer like this?


This pretty cheerleader shares a special cheer that will have you on your knees giving thanks!

Give me an O!

Love thy Kin
On his wedding night, Elsworth Roach gets some old fashion backwoods advice from his Pa.


Madame Lolita uses her mystic hands to grope with a young girl's future.

In the Hands of Fortune

Mother's Advice
A young bride gets a mouthful of advice from her mother. It comes as a big blow.


A young skiing fan enjoys a run down some nice hills and valleys.


Out of the Closet
A queer look at the love that can not be named.


Doctor Hanna Job takes enormous pleasure in covering a really big topic.

Safe Sex

Sex on the Beach
One man's fantasy is another man's reality in this romp on the beach.


Quitting smoking can be a real pain and that's a good thing!


World Without Pants
Imagine a place where the weather is always warm, and the people are open to everything.


A hard hitting and probing discussion on what makes a man a man.


Flash in the Pan
A revealing look into a chance encounter that is one for the book.


A sexual experiment that asks the question: What does that smell like?

Smell of Sexcess

Favorite Thing
A young lady gives a full throated, oral account of what really turns her on.