Precious Metal Clay


    "Sheer Audacity!" is proud to offer it's new line of erotic jewerly "GEMitalia". The jewelry is designed to resemble men and women's genitalia, and depicts acts of a sexual nature. We offer custom pieces made to order, or you can buy from our online catalogue.

    All the pieces are made of pure silver or 24 karat gold, and set with precious and semi-precious gem stones. As with the television show, we try to make the pieces provocative and beautiful. And always with a sense of humor.

If you have your own idea or design, email us and we will be happy to work with you on designing your own family jewels.
If you would like something truely unique, we will make a special piece modeled after your own private parts. Talk about a conversation piece!

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This jewelry is designed and cast from Precious Metal Clay, which when fired takes on any image or feature set in the clay. This allows us to make custom pieces with anyone's vision, in fine pure silver or 24 karat gold. Pick from emeralds, rubies, sapphires or diamonds. These are one of a kind pieces and will never be repeated.

Buy one... and then buy another one, and yes, why not a third one?

Sperm & Egg
Big Boy

Sperm and Egg - 2CT ruby, 9 opals


2 Hearts with 3CT Rubies
Cross with 1.5CT Ruby
Eve with Ruby Nipples
Vagina with 9 diamonds, 1CT Emerald
Vagina with 2 Rubies
Vagina pure Silver
Silver Penis
Big Boy Penis - 2 inch pure Silver
Penetration - 2 inch pure Silver
Vagina Ruby Clit
Silver Vagina
Bad Girl Vagina - Solid Silver
Tongue - Silver and 1CT Rubies
Rear Entry
The Back Door
Sperm and Egg - 2CT ruby, 9 opals With matching sperm earrings (not shown)
Hearts with Amethist-Peridot
Sperm & Egg Medallion - 9 tanzanite, 1 ruby SOLD / CONTACT FOR SIMILAR PIECES
Blue Sapphire Studs - 14CT Gold
Vagina Earings with Peridot

These are not PMC or SEXUAL, but they are lovely pieces of Jewelry

Lavender Sapphire Earings - 1/2CT Lav. Sapphire
Opal Doublet Cufflinks
Sapphire and White Gold Earrings - 14CT white gold, 2.5CT sapphires